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We are Litton Specialty Services and Products - an industrial supply and metal fabrication company located in Alabama. We have proudly served Alabama and the surrounding states (Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the Florida Panhandle) for the last 20 years as a one-stop shop for any industrial and manufacturing needs.

We are now proudly serving you in the following areas: 
- Metal Fabrication
- Industrial Supply
- Water Jet and Plasma Cutting
- CNC Machining
- Building Inspection (UAV/Drone Imaging)
- Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
- Sanitation Supplies



Storage Racks, Carts, and Custom Fabrication

We specialize in custom fabrication of storage racks, dye-racks, pallet racking and any infrastructure you may need.

Our phenolic casters allow you to easily move your parts around your plant without the need of a forklift.

CNC Machining

We have CNC Machining and other milling capabilities to fit any need - no matter the size of the order.

Industrial Supply and Infrastructure

We produce and sell both prefabbed guardrail as well as heavy-duty, custom built guard rail. Additionally we supply safety equipment, warning bars, storage bins, hoppers, and MORE!



In 2003 we realized that there was a discrepancy between industrial/manufacturing sales and a personal interaction between the client and salesman. We decided to bridge that gap and commit to serving our customers with an honest, straightforward, and personal approach.


We are now proudly serving you in the following areas: metal fabrication, industrial supply, water jet and plasma cutting, CNC machining, building inspections (uav/drone imaging), and now personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies. As our industry grows and adapts to the challenges of the workplace and the world, we are committed to serving you. We would love to become your vendor of choice on your constantly growing needs.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 205-270-1792 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

6401 Highway 18 West

Fayette, AL 35555

Tel: 205-270-1792

Get a quote:
Brian: 205-270-1318
Jarrod: 205-270-1792
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